The process outlined in the above chapter is a cumulation of the capacity building initiative which explored a core process delivered in a number of different ways.
The core process was about:
  • Attending to relationship
  • Recognising ‘what is’ (or what could be)
  • Exposing causality and assumptions
  • Designing Experiments
  • Reviewing Experiments
Whilst this was run as a finite initiative, the process itself is meant to be ongoing and cyclical, somewhat like this:
Experimentation is a practice made up of both a mindset/culture and practical process and methods.
Whilst people have experienced this process, they are unlikely to embed it deeply into their practice without associated peer support, adoption of language and practice into cultural norms, and related infrastructure (such as a research repo).
However, from my experience working alongside various members of the Research Labs faculties, I found significant interest and enthusiasm for the general culture and mindset of experimentation. I believe further aligning the process with a strategic priority - such as documenting and reporting on non-traditional research outputs’ engagement and impact, would have a positive response and uptake.
Thank you for the opportunity to collaborate on the capacity building initiative, and to complete this field guide.