Culture Shifts
Image courtesy of Liz Sanders from Convivial Toolbox
As Liz Sanders & Jan Van Stappers show in Convivial Toolbox, methods and tools are rooted in a culture, and can serve as a doorway into changing underpinning mindsets and cultures.
In writing this field guide, it is my hope that I will explain the basic tenets of complexity, and share a set of methods and tools which will serve to trigger deeper enquiry about the implications for how we interrelate with the world - to shift mindsets and culture to help people work more comfortably in complexity.
Personally, as I understood more about complexity, I recognised that the world was more fluid, more able to be shaped and influenced than I previously understood. Everything is in a state of becoming, and thus as citizens and stewards we needed to think, act and listen deeply, realising that everything we do creates change. What change we create depends on the quality of our attention and action.
Last modified 2yr ago
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